Pick Your Brain is a great family / party trivia game!  Test your knowledge! Be competitive! Have Fun!

Pick Your Brain is a unique family / party trivia game loaded with over 200 categories in our 52 card deck. From movie and cartoon characters, to sports teams, to the periodic table, our wide variety of categories are suitable for ALL ages and ALL knowledges bases.

Step 1:  Choose a moderator (someone to manage the games timer, score and categories for each round)
Step 2:  Hand an answer card and pencil to those playing (also includes the moderator if they choose to play)
Step 3:   Moderator chooses and announces the category for the round and begins the 30 second timer countdown
Step 4:   Clock runs out and everyone announces their answers
Step 5:   For every legitimate answer, the player receives a point (remember, if your neighbor has the same answer as you, you both get the point)
Step 6:   Repeat Steps 3-5 (first player to reach 100 wins!)

The rules are short, simple and straightforward and includes one very specific task...HAVE FUN!

Whether you’re looking for a great game for "family fun night", something unique to play at a bridal or baby shower or a great team building exercise, Pick Your Brain is perfect!  Pick Your Brain is a flexible game to be played for ANY occasion.